Cardiff Free Walking Tour

Cardiff Bay & Swansea Tours

Cardiff's only free walking tour currently takes place every Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday at 11am. 
Please reserve your place 
in advance. Thank you.

The Cardiff Dark Side Free Walking Tour will return later this year ahead of Halloween 2021. If you want to organise a Dark Side Tour, please get in touch. 

The Cardiff Bay Tour has now returned on Sundays at 3pm

Swansea Free Walking Tours take place every Fridays at 11am.

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Read blog posts on different aspects of Welsh life, culture & history, including major dates in the Welsh calendar, some travel advice and what we have been missing during lockdown. 

Private Tours

If you want more information or to book a Doctor Who walking tour of the show's filming locations in Cardiff, please just get in touch.

If you're a family, household, private group or individual looking for a personalised walking tour in Cardiff or Swansea, please get in touch to arrange a booking.

Where to find The Cardiff Walking Tour?

The Cardiff Free Walking Tour starts from the John Batchelor Statue on The Hayes in central Cardiff (opposite the TK Maxx store).

The Cardiff Walking Tour takes place every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 11am.

*No Sunday tour on 19 Sept 2021*

Advanced booking is currently essential. Please be aware that tours may not go ahead at the moment unless there is a minimum number of people booked at least 18 hours in advance, thank you.

For our social distancing information, please read our FAQs

Look out for the green shirt and/or green umbrella

Where to find

The Cardiff Bay Tour?

Cardiff Bay Free Walking Tours start from
outside the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay (under the large letters and opposite the water tower)

The Cardiff Bay Walking Tour takes place on Sundays at 3pm.

Please reserve 
your place in advance. Tours may need a minimum number of participants to run. 

Where to find

The Swansea Tour?

Swansea Free Walking Tours start from
Castle Square, next to the Leaf Boat sculpture opposite Swansea Castle.

Swansea Free Walking Tours currently take place every Friday at 11am until 17 September 2021.

Please reserve your place in advance in order to participate. Swansea tours may return October depending on demand.

Where to find The Doctor Who Cardiff Tour?

The Doctor Who Walking Tour starts from the Welsh National War Memorial, in Alexandra Gardens, Cathays Park, central Cardiff. 

If you're interested in the Doctor Who tour and would like to arrange a tour, please get in touch.

Doctor Who tours are available on a private basis only. 

All tour information accurate as of September 2021

About Fogo

Despite being a native Irishman, I have developed a love and fascination for the underappreciated cities of Cardiff & Swansea, as well as Wales as a whole, during my time living here.

As a historian, journalist and long-term tourism professional across multiple cities, I have developed a passion for history, travel and culture, and sharing information about my adopted home to inquisitive visitors on these walking tours of Cardiff, Swansea & Cardiff Bay is a perfect way to embrace these skills and interests.

Following a challenging year or so due to Covid-19, we at Fogo's Free Tours can't wait to return to regular touring and sharing our love of Wales to the world once again. 

Free walking tour Cardiff
Teresa, Lisbon, Sept 2020

t was really nice spending the day with Eugene in Cardiff. Two tours which helped  us understand the city, its past,  and its present. Eugene has great knowledge of the history and culture of some other countries and could easily make links to local characteristics.

Joanna, London, August 2020

Having done city tours across Europe, I thought this stood out because Eugene made a real effort to be personable and engaging: taking the time to speak to everyone in the group, linking his information not just to Cardiff but to wider Welsh history and it was also very obvious that he took time and effort in keeping his information relevant and up to date. 

Graham, Sheffield, August 2020

Eugene was extremely welcoming, friendly, knowledgable and came across as a really nice guy. He definitely added so much to our Wales visit.

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