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Private Tours

Are you looking for a more personalised, private or bespoke Cardiff or Swansea experience? 

If you are a large group, a school group, a family or even a solo traveller, bespoke and private tours are available and flexible to your needs.

Whether you want a tour of Cardiff, Cardiff Bay, Cardff's Dark Side, Doctor Who filming locations, Swansea or even something else entirely, check out the pricing examples below and please get in touch with any enqueries or questions. 

Fogo's Free Tours offers flexibility to suit your stay in Wales, and tours can be created and scheduled to fit your needs and ambitions. 

Swansea Marina and the Tower at Meridian Quay
A street sign in Cardiff Bay
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Looking for a special and unique gift? Why not treat someone, or even your whole family or your group of friends, to a personalised tour of Cardiff or Swansea?  

Get in touch in order to organise your voucher now, and make use of it on a date and at a time that suits you.  

Cardiff Bay Tour

Explore Europe's biggest waterfront redevelopment om this 2 hour tour. Now popular with locals and visitors alike, it was once the world's leading coal port and consequently still contains one of the UK's original multi-ethnic communities   

Cardiff Central Tour

2 hour walking tour of

Cardiff city centre, taking in the most important landmarks, buildings and figures from 2,000 years of Cardiff history, as well as some wider Welsh history and culture.  

Swansea City Tour

A 2 hour tour of Wales' second city, Swansea. What other city can give you a castle, marina, beach and a market all on one city walking tour. Discover all this, WW2, the copper industry and Dylan Thomas.

Cardiff Dark Side Tour

Cardiff may be a young capital, but it is a town steeped in darkness. From executions to prisons, slums to disease, from pirates to ghosts, there is something for everybody on this 2 hour tour around central Cardiff.

Cardiff Doctor Who Walking Tour

Cardiff is the heart and soul of NuWho. Since the show's regeneration in 2005, the streets, buildings and statues of Cardiff have dominated the background of many episodes. Explore the landmarks and locations of Doctor Who on this 2.5 hour tour in Cardiff city & Bay. 

Cardiff Half Day Tour

A 4 hour tour combining the best of the city centre and Bay areas of the Welsh capital, and everything in between, we traverse time from Cardiff's Roman fort to the stronghold of Wales today, The Senedd.

It is now possible to book all of these private tours through the website. A regular schedule with consistent time slots is available in the 'Book Online' section which covers the whole of 2023. However, private tours are definitely not only limited to the advertised schedule of Tuesdays, Thursday, Saturdays & Sundays, so if you have a preferred tour, date and time in mind please just email Eugene at, or put a message in the text box here...

Thank you 

2023 prices

Cardiff, Cardiff Bay, Dark Side, Arcades & Swansea

1-5 people- £110

6-10 people- £125

11-15 people- £140

16-35 people- £160

Cardiff Half Day

1-5 people- £175

6-10 people- £200

11-15 people- £225

16-35 people-  £250

Doctor Who Tour

1-7 people- £120

8-15 people- £140

16-35 people- £160

Please note these prices are for standard 2 hour walking tours for private individuals, families and groups of friends, for example. Prices are subject to change and are flexible. If you are a school, university, travel agency or conference group then generally there is a standard price of £160 per tour.

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