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Doctor Who Cardiff Walking Tour 

Since the regeneration of Doctor Who in 2005, Cardiff has been the capital city of NuWho. 

Be it at BBC Studios, in suburban streets around the city, on the surrounding beaches, in nearby castles and especially in some of Cardiff's most iconic buildings, the Welsh capital has been one of the secret stars of the modern show.    

Cardiff Doctor Who Walking Tour

From Cardiff's civic centre to Cardiff Bay, we will explore space stations, Weeping Angels, Area 51, Nazi Germany, the Museé d'Orsay, the Titanic and even New York City, and many more locations.   

On this 2.5 hour Doctor Who walking tour of Cardiff filming locations, discover the streets, landmarks and buildings that have brought Doctor Who to life for the last two decades, including...  

Temple of Peace
Hayes Island
Principality Stadium
St. John's Church 
Glamorgan Building
Queen's Arcade
City Hall
The Senedd
National Museum
Cardiff University
The Exchange 
and much more.....

Doctor Who Tour Cardiff Starting Point 

The Doctor Who Cardiff Tour starts from the
middle of Alexandra Gardens, in the heart of the Civic Centre, next to the Welsh National War Memorial.

The Doctor Who Cardiff Tour is only available on a private basis. 

You can now book a private tour instantly below, on specific dates and times. However, if you would prefer to arrange a more specific time and date, please just get in touch. Thank you.

Look out for the green umbrella &/or green DW themed shirt...
The Welsh National War Memorial, Alexandra Gardens, Cardiff

Please note, reservations are necessary for this tour.  However, all are welcome, including children, and even non-Whovians

The Exchange Hotel, Cardiff Bay

The tour ends in Cardiff Bay

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Cardiff Doctor Who Tour Review

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To find the tour's start location, head north on Kingsway towards City Hall. To the right of City Hall, follow King Edward VII Ave towards Alexandra Gardens. Enter this small, pretty park and in its centre you will easily find the Welsh National War Memorial. 

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