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Fogo's Free Tours

Cardiff & Swansea Walking Tours

South Wales' free walking tour provider

At Fogo's Free Tours, it's our mission to show you the best that Cardiff, Swansea, and Wales, have to offer. For too long the cities of Wales have stood by while other UK cities have stolen the limelight. Both Cardiff & Swansea contain rich, vibrant histories featuring an array of fascinating characters and events, with an even more intoxicating and mysteriously exciting present. 

It's Fogo's Free Tours aim to enhance your Welsh adventure, taking experiences of tourism from around the world and using them to create a unique experience for visitors to Cardiff and Swansea in particular. 

As firstly a long time visitor to Wales, and now a permanent resident, it has long been apparent that services like this, which are readily available around the world, are not so easily found in Wales' biggest cities. At Fogo's Free Tours the goal is to satisfy the demand that we know exists for Welsh history and for walking tours of the country's two most prominent cities in Cardiff and Swansea. 

Bute Park

A little introductory interview with Cardiff TV from June 2018, detailing some information from the early days of Fogo's Free Tours and the motivations for starting the Cardiff walking tour at the time.

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